Empire: A Tale of Swords

In an ancient world filled with endless wars, the hope of a battle wrecked province is restored when brave patriots took to arms, rallying men and fighting all the war mongers that pose a threat to their once stable province, however, their hope is fatally crushed when the enemies of progress united and annihilated them, and therefore, continuing on with their destructive tendencies. With no hope left, the surviving patriots recruited a former hero into their revolution; they called him Raiden, the Morning Tiger. A small force is rallied and Raiden leads men in a desperate counterattack to reclaim their shattered province, he comes out victorious and rises to the rank of Emperor. However, the problem that threatened the peace of the former province is far from over. Selfish ambitions and corrupt tendencies by his officials gave birth to new problems. The Emperor, in his attempt to fight corruption must adopt a Thick Face, using ruthlessness to achieve his goals, but his approach came with hidden consequences which eventually led to his death. His son, the crowned Prince, known as Damza, must rise and take the bull by the horn if the continuity of the empire is to last.

Author: Stephen Effedua

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