The Importance of Organic Promotion for Your Book and Author Brand

One common oversight among authors is failing to recognize that their book is a product and their author brand is a company. While writing for the love of literature is essential, it’s equally important to capitalize on the opportunity to earn from it, especially considering the investment of time and money involved. Shifting this perspective to view the book as a product and the author as a company can revolutionize an author’s approach to publishing, guiding them toward decisions that facilitate greater book sales. Just as others effortlessly market products like hair, shoes, and clothes, authors should be equipped to market their books effectively.

Recognizing that many authors are not professional marketers and prefer to focus on their lives and daily responsibilities, at Black Tower Publishers, we are committed to providing authors with the tools they need to organically promote their books. Once a book is published online, authors are ready to begin.

Authors who have availed themselves of our services, such as Book Printing, Author Branding, and Hybrid Publishing, receive author websites and marketing materials, including printed flyers.

Here’s a strategy that some authors have successfully used to organically market their books:

  1. Start by listing your books on your website and various online platforms. Additionally, create printed flyers.
  2. Focus on your local community. Approach local religious leaders, such as priests, pastors, or youth leaders, and request permission to distribute flyers after church services. Building a good relationship with them may even lead to announcements in the church.
  3. Visit restaurants and bars in your area and ask the staff to distribute your flyers to patrons. These establishments offer a captive audience who may take the time to read your flyer.
  4. If feasible, consider hiring individuals to distribute flyers or organize local meetups to engage with potential readers directly.

While this approach may present challenges for some authors, its impact should not be underestimated. By promoting your book organically and locally, you lay the groundwork for reaching a broader audience and expanding your readership.

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