Trust is the beginning of a long business relationship

Why Publish with Us?

1. You don’t have to worry about the stress that comes with book printing. We will print and deliver your books to you through Transport Company (free delivery) or DHL.
2. We will help with the marketing. After printing, we will take a few samples (about 10 copies) we will present to organizations, schools or libraries that might be interested in your book.
3. We will arrange blog interview and articles about you and your book.
4. We will run Instagram and Facebook advert reaching up to 100,000 people in any targeted area in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.
5. We will provide up to 8 book marketers you can use to distribute and market your book.
6. Your profile and book will be listed on our website.
7. We will send customised SMS to our database of 4,000 readers in Nigeria. You can provide up to 500 numbers to us as well.
8. Submission to book awards and literary events.

Download our Profile to know more about us. (PDF)