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Online Publishing

Take advantage of this offer and become a published author in 8 days. Amazon Kindle, Lulu and Okadabooks only.

Basic Online Publishing package cost N30,000. This include Cover Design, Formatting and Publishing. See the break down below:

FORMATTING (N13,500): We will format your manuscript (ePub and Kindle only) and make it eligible for Amazon kindle, Lulu store, iBookstore, Nook, Okadabooks and other online publishing outlets. Amazon Paperback formatting is (N13,500).

PUBLISHING (N9,500): We will set up an account and publish your eBook on Amazon kindle and Okadabooks. Okadabooks is the best option for Nigerian authors publishing eBook. African readers can easily purchase their work on Okadabooks using their ATM cards and Airtime.

BOOK COVER (N7,000): We offer one basic cover design under the direction of our client. For cover designs that require special characters and drawings, kindly contact us first.

Note: If you want to add other services to your Online Publishing package, you can visit here.


Payment Options

Option A: Pay into the account below. It will take about 30-50 minutes for the payment to be verified.

Option B: Pay with your Credit/Debit card. It will take about 10-20 minutes for the payment to be verified. Click here to pay with card.


ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0458504117




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