Fifteen Doors to the Mind

Mindforte Tony Osokpor, a disciplined and scholarly writer, has broken into the deep recesses of the divine to unveil some important fundamental principles for those who want to live not just a successful life but to make meaning of the complexities of our existence in earthly pilgrimage. A philosophical, psychological and spiritual compendium of the inner courses of the mind in one volume is what describes 15 Doors of the Mind…a profound reference material that cannot be left just on the bookshelf but a true and profitable companion through thick and thin of our existence.
In this volume, you will discover how to manage your mind by making self-discoveries for a liberated and elevated mind cutting across race, colour, creed, genre or any other divide. It is a discourse in the eternal arena of a pure and celestial mindset.
Delving into the Fifteen Doors of the Mind is an exercise in the recreation of the imagination, sensuality, emotions, conscience, complexes etc. And to understand its innate principles, is the real change so many around the world crave…making that inner discovery of the self; which herein comprises the spiritual organs and tissues of the mind in fifteen distinct doors.
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