The editor corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. Ensures consistency in spelling, numerals, fonts, capitalization, words or sentences that are extraneous or overused, run-on sentences, dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened, and scenes where the action is confusing or the author’s meaning is unclear due to bad transitions.


Price: N3.00 per word

(soft copy submission only)




The editor does the line editing, and as well focuses more on the story, theme, flow, tense, and voice. The editor works on elements of the story, characterization, dialogue, setting, and the interaction between them.


Price: N3.70 per word

(soft copy submission only)



Proofreading is the final touch for the manuscript before it’s put to print.
Purchasing this service means the manuscript has been arranged and gone through editing by us or by the client; which means the proofreading board doesn’t work on the structure and flow of the manuscript.
The proofreading service tackles only spelling and punctuation use.


Price: N2.97 per word

(soft copy submission only)

MANUSCRIPT REVIEW: (Not available at the moment)

Is your book worth publishing? Your manuscript will be reviewed, and you will be told whether your manuscript needs editing or not, and what editing package fits your manuscript. Your writing skill will also be professionally rated on a scale of 1-100.


Price: (Not available at the moment)

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