Discovering The Truth About Yourself And The Universe

Understanding the essence of life volume 1 and 2 was written in order to help people get the reality of life. There is something really breathtaking about life; wouldn't you rather experience love than watch it in a movie? Get into reality: it's the real thing.
Too many people today are living in illusion. They will escape into the fabricated world of a movie, or into a virtual reality experience. But isn't the most beautiful reality the one that's real? Isn't it better to see a fantastic sunset than watch it in movie: To experience the thrill of adventure rather than simulate it in an amusement park? To achieve greatness rather than hallucinate you are Cleopatra?
Everyone has a sneaking suspicion: there's something truly breathtaking about life. So why are so many people miserable? Because they are not focused on reality. A person can create the impression that his act is together, though in reality he is deluding himself: Reality itself is absolute. At any moment, it's either night or day. You can sleep through reality, and choose not to relate to it. But that's still what it is. Set into truth and don't live a life of illusion. Get into reality, it's the real thing.

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