Vision Catalyst

Running with a vision is like running a marathon race. Majority will start it, sooner or later, the untrained, weak and fearful will drop by the way leaving only the strong, courageous and determined.
----- B. Kelvin
Whether you are called to business, education, politics, art, medicine or ministry; in respect to capturing a vision, running to make success of it, all human being can be categorize into these four sets:
• People without vision
• People with abandoned vision
• People running with vision
• People with accomplished vision
It is so amazing to know that larger percentage of people in the world fall within the categories of people without vision, people with abandoned vision and people with stagnated vision. Now, stop! Ask yourself, which category do I belong?
No matter your category, this passion igniting book is for you. It will enlighten, educate, guide and help you rightly position yourself; to capture, develop, protect and accomplish your vision through hard-core principles that guarantee success.

Potent vision results in evolution!

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