Unlocking Your Global Relevance

Life was designed to be lived with a clear sense of purpose which demands that we make unique and significant contributions to our world by deploying all the vast treasures and resources God has entrusted us with. Unfortunately, most people go through life too busy trying to get things out of life that they have little or no time to give back to life.
Unlocking Your Global Relevance is specifically designed to help you break out of this mould so you can step into the future that God has already prepared for you by activating your inherent potentials for maximum impact on earth.
In the pages of this book, I have posed twenty (20) questions which, if answered objectively, will challenge your current paradigms and unlock the world of treasures within you, setting you on your way to global relevance. The approach is simple: Examining the lives of some distinguished individuals who have made or are currently making significant impact in our world and from their stories, crystallize questions deliberately designed to spark deep introspections for radical change.
I am fully persuaded that each one of us possesses uncommon treasures within us which if discovered, developed and deployed, have the capacity to change our world forever. And as you will discover, every individual is globally significant but each one of us must take personal responsibility for becoming globally relevant.
It is my hope that reading this book, among other things, will achieve one goal: “Cause a paradigm shift that will mark the beginning of an impactful life”. Don’t just read it, live it and teach the principles to others!


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