The Pastor's Wife: Her Tears, Her Pains, Her Joys

The Pastor’s wife is the key figure in the life of the Pastor and plays the biggest role in his success or failure. Hence the need for the Pastor’s wife to be prepared, equipped, trained and carried along in the ministry of the husband.
The book: The Pastor’s wife: her tears, her pains, her joys is to equip, aid and train the women who are married to (i.e. the Pastor’s wife) or engaged (would-be Pastor’s wife) to Ministers to help learn how to navigate through successfully the challenges, the tears, the trails, the struggles, the heartaches, the joys, the fulfilment and the triumphs of being a Pastor’s wife.
To know that the joy and blessings far outweigh the pressure and many demands of duty. The book is a panacea for the Pastor’s wife to finish well and strong even with eternal gains.

Author: Mary Bosede Oluwatunbi


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