The Crowned Emperor

THE CROWNED EMPEROR (AN EPIC OF THREE CROWNS AND THREE SIBLINGS) is a long fiction written in series, Serial A: Ripples of Love and Serial B: The Birth of a Noble Empire. The story encompasses five parts, two parts in Serial A and three parts in Serial B. It expended a fiction about three concealed siblings, Juwete and Orode, the twin brothers, with Erhuvwu their elder sister, who grew up in isolation from each other in different kingdoms to uncover as well as bring to mind some salient attributes about the rich cultural heritage of three different kingdoms, and how they became united to form a grand empire. While building on the aim to keep the reader thrilled and engrossed for a considerable amount of time from the double series, the tale is one of love & romance, betrayal & suffering, intellect & violence, ancient myths & core wisdom. It was neither about any one character nor village; it was a profound procession for the birth a great empire.

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