Place of Faith in Christianity

Every page in this book is designed to gear-up and in a swell-like your knowledge of Jesus Christ. If you love Jesus then you desperately need this book for the stabilization of your faith; and all round understanding of whom our Lord Jesus is beyond academic and world based knowledge.
Questions like: is Jesus different from the father; is Jesus the Son of Man or the Son of A Man, Did Jesus receive Spirit Baptism; are names like Son of God; Son of Man; Son of David merely a Title or His bio-data; Did Jesus abandon His divinity while on the earth; What specie of Man was Jesus; the difference between Jesus as a flesh and blood and us; Could Jesus have sinned by any means possible are answered in this book:
Welcome to the exploration of the Man Jesus, the Lord, the king of Glory and the blessed messiah the Savior of the whole World.

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