• Have you written a book? Do you wish to self-publish? Do you wish to publish online and retain full control over the sales of your book and copyright? Black Tower Publishers Nig Ltd could be your answer.


    Black Tower Global Enterprise is a company, which runs the mainline online self-publishing organization. Our book printing house will work with you based on your budget, and still give your project the professional look it deserves.
  • We can help you tap into the fast growing online publishing in Nigeria, and make your book available to the world through Amazon and Okadabooks. Just focus on getting your manuscript ready, and let us worry about showing it to the world through online publishing.
  • The publishing and book design staff use state of the art technology to design and publish your book, giving it the look and quality it deserves. Read More
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  • "..It's really funny because I've written many books. Most of them were edited and proofread by my friends. They are my friends for certain; an educated ones at that; but when it comes to my manuscripts, they are always scared of what they might have to say about my manuscripts. Although they don't admit it; but it's there. They know I love to write, so they can't tell me what's wrong with my writing because they want to respect my feeling[...]till Black Tower came. Now everything is professional. Black Tower is just a blessing to Nigeria just like Lulu[lulu.com] and Createspace[createspace.com] is to US and Canada..." -Sir Barry Agunkwo
    "...The thing with Nigerian writers is that they treat their work like a personal diary. They write a piece of story today, and tomorrow, they run to an amateur publisher to publish it; forgetting to edit and revise the work to make it presentable to the public[...]one thing is right about them and their work. Just as they treat their work, so will other people treat it; a mere personal diary..." -Chinua Achebe

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