Every Child Needs A Champion

I am thrilled to share with you my journey so far on my personal life experiences with my students, their parents, and my colleagues over years. This is something that I have waited for to happen for a long time now. I present to you, ‘Every Child needs a Champion: The Intimate Memoir of a Sixth-Form Teacher’.

It is a systematic observation and an in-depth analysis of my relationship in and out of the classroom; the motivation, positivity, recognition, and spiritual peace that my livelihood brings. Over years, the content of this diary has become to me, not just an object of reflection, but a medium of educational research and an instrument of change.

I have been dealing with different sets of students in the Sixth-Form A’ Level Cambridge class; therefore my readers should not expect a perfect classroom setting. Nevertheless, this book creates a starting point for behavioural expectations, and the knowledge directly pertinent to my classes may be useful to all.

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